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March 2015




Mark Your Calendar for the GoldSim User Conference in September 2015!

Seattle SkylineAfter a long hiatus, we plan to host a GoldSim User Conference in Seattle in September 2015.  The conference is just in the planning stages now, but the dates are very likely to be September 24 and 25.  The conference will be preceded (on September 22 and 23) by a two day training workshop (focusing on novice users).

The conference itself will consist of two major parts: 1) a full day of advanced training sessions (likely with two parallel tracks); and 2) a day of presentations of interesting GoldSim applications and discussion forums. GoldSim user conferences provide a great opportunity to meet, network with, and learn from GoldSim staff, and more importantly, other GoldSim users. Almost all of the attendees from past conferences have been GoldSim users from industry, government and consulting. To facilitate effective networking opportunities, we will have two fun social events (the evenings of the 23rd and the 24th) that will also allow you to enjoy Seattle (which is beautiful in September).

We will provide a registration form and hotel information in the next several months.  However, for now, if you are likely to attend, we just want you to save the dates, and to facilitate our planning (e.g., venue, social events, agenda), send us an email with the following information:

  • Are you likely to attend the 2-day conference?
  • Are you likely to attend the 2-day (beginner) training prior to the conference?
  • If attending, would you be interested in presenting a paper describing a GoldSim application that would be of interest to a general audience (people familiar with GoldSim but not necessarily familiar with your application area)?
  • If attending, what advanced features and topics would you like to see discussed?

Please send your responses to

GoldSim Application Showcase

Regional Input-Output (Economic) Model

An “input-output model” is a quantitative economic methodology that incorporates influences and interdependencies between various components of a national or regional economy. Geografia, an economic and demographic consulting firm in Australia, developed a generic framework in GoldSim to facilitate these types of input-output models, which have been successfully applied to multiple studies. These implementations make use of GoldSim’s powerful dynamic framework and probabilistic simulation platform, efficiently enabling realistic ‘what if’ scenario analyses. This article describes one of these model applications, which was built for Blacktown City, located in western Sydney, Australia.

More Resources on the GoldSim Website

Over the last six months we’ve made a number of changes to our website to provide additional resources for our users:

GoldSim Blog

We started a new GoldSim blog back in December that we are updating frequently.  The blog is provided as a resource to existing GoldSim users.  However, you don't need to be a GoldSim expert to follow this blog; it should also prove to be a valuable resource for novice GoldSim users. 

Changes to the GoldSim User Forum

Late last year we moved our User Forum to the GoldSim User Group on LinkedIn®. There are a number of advantages to this; the primary being that we believe the Forum will receive more traffic there. This in turn means that if you post a question or comment, it is more likely that someone (other than GTG staff) will provide some input.  In addition, by using LinkedIn®, we hope the Forum becomes a mechanism for users to interact directly with each other, perhaps making valuable professional connections.

Follow the link above to register and join the group. Note that if you are not currently a member of LinkedIn®, you will need to register before joining our group.

GoldSim Library

Last year we re-designed a portion of our website to make it easier for you to access various GoldSim resources.  In particular, the new GoldSim Library replaces the GoldSim Wiki.  You can access it from the “Library” link at the top of every GoldSim web page. It has very powerful and easy to use navigation and search tools, and provides access to a Model Library, Knowledge Base and Icon Library.  We will be adding additional resources (e.g., free on-line training materials) to the GoldSim Library over the next year. We encourage you to explore this valuable user resource.  

Upcoming Webinars

We schedule free monthly webinars to discuss GoldSim applications and expand on various GoldSim features. The webinars are held twice each day (morning and afternoon) to accommodate users worldwide. Upcoming webinars are listed below:


26 March 2015

Simulating Energy Usage and Cost


30 April 2015

Designing Well-Structured and Scalable Models


28 May 2015

Time Series Analysis


25 June 2015

Simulating Projects


30 July 2015

Guest Speaker




You can sign up for these webinars here.



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